I (Ramesh Joshi) started Consult400 (www.consult400.com) in year 2000. The office is in Pune, India. My area of expertise is AS/400 and System/36. Presently, my setup is ideal for small-to-medium companies’ application support. If you wish, I will visit your facility to get familiar with your applications and people. I have got a multiple-entry US Business Visa valid up to 2026.


I have worked for customers in India and abroad. I connect to AS/400s located abroad using VPN / Broadband / Internet. I have conducted System/36 Environment Training in Bangalore for Wipro and in Pune for Globalnest Solutions; and conducted telephonic / personal AS/400 technical interviews on behalf of companies.


(a) Time & Material (b) Fixed Cost.

I am open to both. Typically, in the initial phases, the scope of work is not clear. During these phases, I prefer to work on a T & M basis.