Name Ramesh Joshi, Consultant & Trainer IT Experience 35 Years
ERPs Mapics, J D Edwards, Macpac, JBA, Prism, Movex, RentalMan, ASW
Exposure to Finance & Accounting
Sectors Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Health Care (USA)
Countries Belgium, India, Singapore, UK, US

Project Management 21+ years
Hardware IBM AS/400, IBM S/36, IBM Mainframe 43xx, Data General MV-4000, IBM 1401
Operating Systems OS/400, SSP, MVS, AOS/VS
Config. Mgt. Systems Aldon, Thenon, TurnOver

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I started my IT career in 1982; worked in the IT department of a manufacturing company for 15 years; worked as a Project Manager, Consultant, and Senior Consultant for a number of IT companies; started working as an independent consultant from year 2000; mostly worked on IBM mid-range machines (System/34, System/36, AS/400); also worked on IBM Mainframe in 1988-89.

I have worked in manufacturing, insurance, banking, and health care industries. I have worked in India, Belgium, Singapore, the UK, and the US.

My total IT experience is 35 years, out of which Project Management experience is 21 years. I do consulting for the AS/400 (all phases of the SDLC). I conduct training for the AS/400, System/36, and COBOL. I have worked on eight ERPs (Mapics, J D Edwards, Macpac, JBA, Prism, Movex, RentalMan, ASW).

I am a commerce graduate (1977) from the Bombay University. After graduation, while I was working for the State Bank of India, I completed Diploma in Computer Management (1981) from the Bombay University. The accounting I learned during graduation proved to be useful in the IT career.

I have got a multiple-entry US Business Visa valid up to 2026. I live in Pune (India) and don’t mind traveling to other places for a short period.

If you are wondering whether or not I can provide good support because of the physical distance, here’s some information that would help:

I had a Chicago-based AS/400 client having Movex ERP. I used to provide application support. I have got a Broadband Internet connection. I used to connect to the customer’s AS/400 using the VPN & the Net. I did this for two years. Then this client of mine was acquired by a competitor and was forced to go with the competitor’s system.