Robert Keech, IT Services Director,
Digica, Nottingham, UK

“Worked with Ramesh on various complicated projects, which included TCP/IP RPG programming between iSeries and Unix (Crane control systems), real-time stock transfer system between JBA and Marcam manufacturing applications and in addition, the Y2K challenges. It’s hard to describe my respect for Ramesh and the quality of work. He not only took on board high-level concept designs and converted them into working systems and taking onboard difficult technical issues e.g., Sockets programming and developed very high quality systems which are still in use today. All of which he documented fully and has assisted greatly in the ongoing maintenance, which has stood the test of time and business changes with minimal enhancements. In summary, if you require one of the best IT software consultants in the business, I would highly recommend Ramesh for your assignments.”

- June 7, 2008

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Hired Ramesh as an IT Consultant in 1998, and hired Ramesh more than once


Pradeep Deshpande, Sr. Business Consultant,
Infor Global Solutions, Malaysia

“I know Ramesh for more than 20 years now. He is a very pleasant personality and a very good team player. On professional grounds, Ramesh is a man of details and is result oriented. The most admirable part of him is that he will not only perform the tasks that he is supposed to carry out, but with his vast experience, he will try to give suggestions which are most of the time, quite value add to the job. I would not even blink my eyes to recommend Ramesh.”

- May 31, 2008


Partha Hor, Financial Controller,
Crane Process Flow Technologies India Ltd., India

“In TBEL, we had implemented “MOVEX” in 2002. After Implementation, we observed a large number of issues cropping up & desired results were far from satisfactory. We employed some of the big names in the industry but could not resolve the issues. Incidentally, I came across Mr. Ramesh Joshi & discussed the issues with him. After conducting a detailed study & root cause analysis, he put his team in and resolved all the issues in a very methodical manner.

I am impressed with the way he approaches issues, finds solution, implements and hands over after he is himself satisfied that the solution is working.

Ramesh has a vast experience and knowledge, very thorough & passionate about his work and is not just a solution provider but adds a lot of value to the client.

I request you to consider Ramesh for your assignments and rest assured you will be a satisfied client.”

- June 10, 2008

Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity
Service Category: IT Consultant
Year first hired: 2002 (hired more than once)


Sandesh Gaikwad,
Process and Project Management Consultant, India

“I started my IT professional career with the first job under Ramesh’s supervision. To this date, remember the methodical, organized approach Ramesh applies to all his work. I have personally benefited a lot from Ramesh’s patient and systematic approach to training and coaching. In my subsequent career, I have had many subordinates who were initially trained by Ramesh and they too had nothing but admiration for Ramesh’s training and coaching abilities. With his extensive knowledge of business systems and processes, combined with his deep technical knowledge, Ramesh is able to quickly gain insight into customer environment. Over the years, I have seen Ramesh to use this insight to address many professionally challenging situations. He has the courage to advise on what is needed as against the perceived wants. I would strongly recommend Ramesh’s services to any organization in the need of maintaining, supporting or migrating their legacy systems on AS/400.”

- July 3, 2008


Kedar Potnis
Head (IT), Behr India Ltd., India

“We had to migrate some of our business critical data as a part of our global IT strategic project. Though we had internal resources with some AS/400 knowledge that could have successfully completed the job, we decided to hire external help, because the data migration activity was on the Critical Path of the project.

We hired Mr. Ramesh Joshi in February 2008, at a very short notice. We were very clear about our requirements, and explained those to Mr. Joshi in about four hours. He came up with an estimate within 24 hours, and completed the job in estimated time and budget. We were very happy with his methodic approach to planning, design, testing, documentation, and handing over of the deliverables to our staff.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr. Joshi to anyone who needs a professional AS/400 consultant.”

- February 7, 2009

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time


Prakash Alkutkar, CEO,
Synetairos Technologies, India

“We specialize in (a) Product Maintenance & Support (b) Testing & Re-engineering Services and (c) On-site Resource Augmentation. We are experts in some technologies and have rich in-house skills for these technologies. Sometimes our customers want us to provide a pool of resources with varied technological skills.

When some of our clients needed good AS/400 resources, we hired Ramesh’s services for screening the candidates. With his rich experience in the IT industry, Ramesh conducted telephonic interviews to assess the candidates not only for their AS/400 knowledge but for their communication skills & attitude as well. It helped us a lot in saving our clients’ time and increasing their satisfaction.

If you want an AS/400 consultant with excellent experience and rich business knowledge, I recommend Ramesh.”

- February 13, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time
Hired Ramesh as an IT Consultant in 2004, and hired Ramesh more than once


Rajiv Khanna, Director
Gantec Solutions Inc., Greater Chicago Area, USA

“Ramesh joined us as consultant in 2006 working on some of our AS/400 requirements. He has been the best addition to our team as he has enormous experience in the field, understands the user requirements very well and above all, has a great attitude. We worked on cross-platform work where he was managing the AS/400 side of development and implementation. He had to work not only with our internal teams but was working with our clients directly. He developed a great rapport with them, which helped us a great deal in getting repeat business. He spent a couple of months in US with us working on an onsite requirement of understanding the user requirements and developing a complete solution, for which he did a perfect job. I wish him the best in all his future projects.”

- February 14, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Hired Ramesh as an IT Consultant in 2006.


Ramki Venkatraman, AVP,
HCL Technologies, India

“Ramesh has helped DSQ during the Y2K period. He quickly got familiar with DSQ functions and went onsite for taking up Project Management role. During this period, Ramesh has demonstrated high level of AS400 technical expertise. He was a guru in helping people excel in system level commands and enhance their coding standards. Customer was very appreciative of Ramesh’s project management approach, which ensured that the project was completed ahead of time and under budget. Since then, I have seen Ramesh taking up AS/400 related work with passion. He is revered as one of the experts in this area.”

- December 10, 2009


Siddhi Potdar, MCA (Pune University), India

“It was during my last semester that I was in search of a project as a part of academic curriculum, when I came in contact with Joshi Sir. From the very moment I met him, I was quite excited and determined to work with him, even though I was completely oblivious to the AS/400.

During my project tenure, Joshi Sir used to teach all of us with enthusiasm, discipline, patience and perseverance. He explained us topics tirelessly and ensured that we understood the concepts, and grasped the fundamentals. Now I have gotten a golden opportunity to work under his guidance and I am really enjoying every bit of it. Moreover, I am getting to learn a lot and I hope I make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

Joshi Sir is an experienced professional and humble human being with a charismatic personality and exuberant aura. He is a dedicated guide and an exemplary teacher. I am always amazed to see his quest for knowledge, teaching techniques, planning strategies, detailed observations, punctual nature, high-energy level and straight-forward honesty. He is very particular about work and time, even becomes somewhat strict if the situation demands, but at the same time he is very friendly, considerate and caring for all his students. I always wonder how can someone be a perfect blend of so many unique qualities? Joshi Sir is like a father figure, a role model to me and many others who have been taught by him.

I find myself very lucky and blessed to have got a teacher like him at a point where I have just started my career. I wish every IT aspirant got a guiding light like him. I thank him from the bottom of my heart as it’s due to his belief in my ability, that I could complete my MCA with flying colours and I got to start my journey in my profession. I will put my best foot forward to stand up to his expectations.”

- September 5, 2009


Tushar Talware, India

“Working with Joshi Sir, I really understood the concepts of the software development. I always admire his patience and teaching methods. His ability to be the student and learn new things, even after this huge IT experience, is very rare and amazing. The way he looks at and solves problems is very unique. All these qualities make him an excellent System Professional.”

- January 26, 2010

Vrushali Bhavsar (Kulkarni), India

“I was the only Highly experienced in IT person in the batch attending the training on Basic Accountancy conducted by Ramesh Joshi in January 2012. Throughout the training, I was feeling like Alibaba who has found treasures hidden from him since years. I am a computer engineer and working in IT industry since last 10 years. I have worked on many applications which used accountancy. I took many online trainings to understand the basic concepts of accountancy. I could hardly get anything but big jargons that made it look more cryptic. The training started from basics and gradually advanced one concept at a time. This was perfect for someone like me who has never learned accountancy before. After this training, I feel more confident about my understanding of any application. Now, accountancy terms seem friendly and not like some cryptic monsters. Many thanks to Ramesh Joshi’s training for bringing about this change.”

- June 2012